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Professional Clients

Greg and his talented group from Transactors Improv successfully delivered on a challenging task: to bring to life the values of the Burt's Bees corporate culture through a series of interactive, experiential sessions. The technique was brilliant--informative, entertaining, and effective--they hit the nail on the head on a really tough assignment. Their creativity and expertise played a major part in the success of the event!
Grace Taylor
Taylor Made Events
Chapel Hill, N.C.

The evaluations from staff attending were ever so positive. On our scale of 1 (it was terrible) to 5 (the best thing since sliced bread), Greg's session had a fabulous overall ranking of 4.7. That's the best score ever for any of our presenters. Here are a few comments from the staff attending:
- I really liked this format. Sitting and listening to speakers is so tiring and not nearly as effective.
- ...(A) lot of fun and a wonderful way to actually experience what happens in the workplace and how to respond.
- The improv workshop was the best thing we've ever done.
Molly Rodgers, Director of Human Resources
Manpower, Inc.
Raleigh, N.C.

(T)hank you for the facilitation of our team building... As we began our sessions with you, I couldn't see how improv could relate to the work environment, or how it could help me. Frankly, it seemed a little silly. Now, I'm constantly aware of status (mine and others') and of recognizing offers. I'm also much more likely to let people know how I feel and to not wait for the perfect moment to act. Thanks for something that will stay with me and be of great value to me.

Surprised, amazed, enlightened, delighted...
Hoyt Wagner
Southern Company Services, Inc.
Atlanta, Ga.

...(T)he workshop was valuable in team building. It brings things out in people what otherwise would not be revealed. Knowing more about the people you work with definitely helps to build a team effort if you are willing to use what you have learned... (M)onths after the workshop our employees were talking about the experience and thanking me for bringing the program in.

The following are comments that I received from the team leaders that report to me when I asked, "Let's discuss the Improv Leadership Program. What did we learn?"
-To take risks
-Every job is important to the team project
-Don't worry about what other people think
-Good opportunity to get to know the team in a relaxed environment
-Helped people be more confident in speaking their opinions
-Nobody's perfect
-Don't try to be like everyone else, you are individually useful
-Learn to relax a little bit, deal with it when it comes up, be spontaneous

I definitely recommend the workshop, especially if a company is trying to break out of the same old pattern of leadership training.
Steve Sanders, CFO
Dayton Heart Hospital
Dayton, Oh.

It was a wonderful class and you were a wonderful teacher. This class has given me very useful tools...
Ha Ngo
GGA Architects
Chapel Hill, N.C.

Your...course provided our staff with a new perspective and refreshing skills for delivering more convincing and heartfelt presentations and briefings. The comments from the participants showed they learned the value... Thank you for your fresh perspective, enthusiasm, and love for your work.
Mary Ann Warner, OAQPS Traing Team
U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
Research Triangle Park, N.C.

Greg Hohn is a creative, capable teacher.
Dave Hart, attorney
Raleigh, N.C.

I found new freedom of expression in this course... Great energy, structure, enthusiasm.
Martha Sorensen, therapist
Durham, N.C.

People in public health are very committed to their work but are often stuck in a scientific way of thinking. Despite their best intentions, they find it hard to let themselves be creative and enjoy their own intuition and imagination. We appreciate your help in getting them out of the box!
Donna Dinkin, Coordinator
Southeastern Public Health Leadership Institute
Chapel Hill, N.C.

Applied Improv encouraged my employees—all stellar individual contributors—to confront what was keeping them from working together well as a team. What we learned was that when we place too great of a value on our own contribution, we fail to see the relevancy of our personal contribution to the overall team goal. Greg's class also opened our eyes to the importance of making sure that we each expressed ourselves so that our intent is understood by the other team members. We saw that a team member cannot step in and "help" us— whether it be to add to a comedy sketch or assist with an eleventh-hour project from the CMO—unless we clearly expressed what our need for help was.
deLille Anthony, Manager, Market Intelligence
Southern Company Services, Inc.
Atlanta, Ga.

...(T)his improv thing has been incredibly beneficial to me... My imagination is much livelier.
David Fellerath, writer
Durham, N.C.

Your expertise as a teacher and your talents as a performer were amply demonstrated... I particularly liked the course evaluation comments from the student who gave the "class participation and involvement" a 6 (on a scale of 5 being "excellent"). You can't beat, "I LOVED IT!! GREG WAS A WONDERFUL PERSON TO LEARN FROM."
Sara Maultsby, Director
Page-Walker Arts & History Center
Cary, N.C.

Excellent training in spontaneity and thinking on your feet.
Michael Jones, engineer
Durham, N.C.

Excellent training in spontaneity and thinking on your feet... (It helped) me to be more... creative in my communication.
Michael Morrow, building contractor
Chapel Hill, N.C.

Greg is enthusiastic and talented when it comes to entertaining and more than that—he educates.
Megan Evans-White, Executive Director
Davie County Arts Council
Mocksville, N.C.

It was perfect last night. Everyone said it was one of the best meetings we've had... Thanks for sharing your expertise with us.
Ruth Hamilton, Director
Carolina Health & Humor Association
Durham, N.C.

Academic Clients

Greg is an excellent instructor and it's benefiting the students very much... (T)he class was oversubscribed...
Jim Dean, Associate Dean
Kenan-Flagler Business School (KFBS)
Chapel Hill, N.C.

Thanks so much for the improv training sessions...fantastic! ... Your workshops are always a hit!
Joseph Holmes, Adjunct Professor
Duke University Masters of Engineering Management program
Durham, N.C.

The participants benefit greatly from your time and efforts. (Average of points awarded by participants evaluating course ranked it as exceeding 100% of expectations.)
Barbara Jo Foley, Continuing Education Director
UNC School of Nursing
Chapel Hill, N.C.


This type of cutting edge, "outside the box" class will continue to advance Kenan-Flagler among the nation's business school elite. Greg's unique approach proved successful in stimulating and developing new communication skills sets for many of us.
Dave Ryan

There are several take-outs of the course. First of all, I learned how to laugh of myself and not feel embarrassed about everything I do. The second and the most important to me was to learn that I cannot control everything that is going on around in my life, and if I have to deal with ambiguity that is OK. Third, I learned that not all the people look at us and see what we think they see. We have an impression of ourselves and believe that all the people have the same impression. However, every person looks at us in a different way and that is also OK. Finally, I learned to push my limits further, try to be more creative and relaxed about small risks that do not mean failures.
Juan Taiana

A lot of what allows me to overcome a lot of difficult situations nowadays comes from having attended your classes. It wasn't so much the activities or methods, but the very basic mindset that what's the worst that can happen to you if you screw up. A lot of us put of lot of pressure on ourselves, thinking people are trying to fault us with every mistake that we make, but more often than not, mistakes are very easily forgotten, and forgiven, more so by others than by ourselves. I like this change; I've been not afraid to say things that I would hesitate previously, and find myself talking to people more easily than I thought possible. My attitude towards work, people, and relationships have since changed, and it's definitely for the better. For example, I've become more a more patient person, and am a better listener.
Melvin Koo

One recurring theme in the class was the importance of taking risks, letting go of the inhibition and the fear of doing something wrong or stupid in the eyes of our peers. I was pleased to see the progress of some of my classmates that I know can be exceptionally shy or reserved.
Claudia Guthrie

This entire class has been about us learning to be more spontaneous, confident in our abilities—yet non-judgmental of them—to "go with the flow" sometimes, and to be aware of what we are doing and how others might perceive our actions-no matter how subtle those actions might be.
James Oliver

Very often, we hear people arguing about something and at the end they say: "we are talking about the same thing." If these people's conversation can start with the "yes and" mentality, perhaps the argument will be avoided at the first place. With "yes and" mentality, I imagine that the conversation will emphasize on the common grounds of the two parties' opinions. At the end, the difference will naturally come out and both parties are happy to accept the difference.
Shuntai Wang

The relationships that have been built as a result of this class are invaluable and will remain far beyond the days that I can recite the Black-Scholes formula.
Mark Flynn

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